The Magical Fruit

I wanted to get one more blog entry in before I launched RealisticChef, because this morning I got my first blog question. I received a call from a family member. “When are you going to start that food blog? I need a recipe for beans and vegetables.” Ultimately, he was aiming at weight loss. And … More The Magical Fruit

More Than Movies

Popcorn recipes and facts. Popcorn gets a bad rap. Perhaps it deserves it. After all, most people around here recognize it best died yellow and slathered in refined fat and chemical tastes. If only we could undo all that, popcorn could be one of the great boons of North America. Perhaps you can find it … More More Than Movies

Humble Beginnings

A recipe for carrot pasta, and all about carrots. There are many, many places to start, but we are going to begin with the humble carrot. Carrots are a great food for our purposes, since they are readily available and affordable. Even organic carrots (which I recommend) are not outside of most of our financial … More Humble Beginnings