More Than Movies

Popcorn recipes and facts.

Popcorn gets a bad rap. Perhaps it deserves it. After all, most people around here recognize it best died yellow and slathered in refined fat and chemical tastes. If only we could undo all that, popcorn could be one of the great boons of North America. Perhaps you can find it in yourself to strip popcorn of its emotional attachments? If so, read on.

The truth is that popcorn in and of itself is very healthy. It is a whole grain loaded with fiber, not to mention antioxidants/polyphenols. It is generally minimally processed. It comes relatively cheap and is easy to prepare. In a society short on healthy snack foods, popcorn is a stand-out. The only stipulations on buying it are to look for non-GMO popcorn, organic better, locally-sourced even better.

I mentioned microwave popcorn in an earlier blog about foods I found appalling for mass production. When I heard the following kitchen tip, I was amazed. Here we go: there is no secret to microwave popcorn in the bag. It is popcorn. In a bag. In the microwave. Now, I don’t use a microwave, and I don’t totally condone them, but I can’t deprive you of this information for two reasons: one, it is a good lesson on how the magic of grocery stores and giant companies can easily fleece us; two, I would much rather have you eating your own bag of popcorn than the sludgy kind you normally find… and it saves mucho money. Seriously, throw away your box of Reddenbachers and throw a 1/4 cup of kernels in a brown lunch bag, fold over the top a couple times, and put in the microwave the way you would normally. Oil or butter and season (gently) once you have taken it out.

I find it completely worthwhile to have an electric air popper. We got one used at a yard sale and we use it all the time. You can always go with a stove-top version, or even just a pan with a lid. Alton Brown’s stove top directions can be found here.

Once you’ve got some servings of popped popcorn (about three cups per person), here are my flavoring suggestions. Of course, the options are endless:

  • melted butter and sea salt
  • olive oil, parmesan, garlic powder, dry parsley, cayenne pepper
  • extra virgin coconut oil, sea salt
  • melted butter, finely shredded cheddar
  • safflower oil, brewer’s yeast, garlic powder, celery salt, parika, cumin
  • coconut oil, sea salt, garlic powder, turmeric, cumin, curry powder, hot sauce

One thought on “More Than Movies

  1. Other suggestions for seasoning popcorn:

    coconut oil, a few shakes of Bragg’s Liquid Amino’s as you eat the popcorn (best if you put the Bragg’s into a small-tipped squeeze bottle so you don’t get too much) as a salt substitute.

    1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 Earth Balance poured over the popcorn; no salt

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