Liquid Diet

A word on smoothies and one great recipe. I have become known is some (small) circles as the dessert lady. To one particular family friend, I am the queen of dips. But I think of myself as the expert on smoothies and chilies. I LOVE smoothies and chilies, so that helps. But then there are … More Liquid Diet

Foreign Food

Recipe for tofu (or meat) and noodle dish. I’ll just out with it now and let you know that I am not afraid of ethnic food nor of “strange” ingredients in the kitchen. I love East Asian, Indian, Thai, and Middle Eastern foods, especially, and am moderately versed at cooking them. However, I’ll also let … More Foreign Food

Those Summer Nights

Grill food and picnic fare: recipes for grilled chicken and spaghetti salad. Okey, so maybe I mean more summer afternoons or evenings, but there is no Olivia Newton John song to reference that way. But no matter, we are talking grill foods and picnics, here. In North Carolina, we have hit our stride with the … More Those Summer Nights