Keen on Peaches

Let’s talk about peaches and the best produce, before I give you my favorite summer dessert recipe. We just about drown in peaches in the summer, in North Carolina. Before I moved here, I never knew a peach could taste so good. Now, you can just eat a peach, and that is awesome. Peaches are … More Keen on Peaches

Quirky Crackers

Appetizer Recipe to have in your back pocket, metaphorically speaking. Since I had/have to have an appetizer for a ladies event, I thought I would go ahead and share the recipe. It’s a hard one to sell people on, but ever since I sampled it at a pig roast in a back yard in Detroit … More Quirky Crackers


Snack ideas and my thoughts on changing eating habits… over time. Some of you may be old hat at eating healthy. I admit to a little bit of jealousy over the years as I have made friends who grew up eating the right things. It is such a legacy to have given to you. I … More Ch-ch-ch-changes

Miss Otis Regrets

Recipe for curried green beans. Review of a cook book. It is regrettable that I have had to take such a long break from such an infantile blog. But there is no other way… I was living my own life, dealing with a personal tragedy. And now I am back. That’s all there is to … More Miss Otis Regrets