Holiday Treats

Holiday fare, how to eat it and not hate yourself, and a super easy treat.

Not surprisingly, one of my favorite parts of any holiday is the food. I do mean the big feast that accompanies many holidays, but I also mean the other food that goes hand-in-hand with the celebrations. Easter, Halloween, and Christmas all really amp up this cooking-consuming frenzy. Easter? Candy to make! Christmas? OH where do I begin? Cheese logs! Candy! Baked goods to give away! Snacks and meals for visiting family! And Halloween? Treats!

I am notoriously bad at blogging about a holiday’s food before the holiday. I don’t do this blog full-time, so I usually have plenty of holiday food pics, ideas, and recipes after the time when you might be looking for it. I will try to change my ways.

I’ve got a whole bunch of treats on the menu for this Halloween/Harvest Time. We’ve already had cinnamon-flavored corn flake treats, mulled cider, Oktoberfest German dinner, and the recipe I will share with you shortly. Today, Eamon and I will be making caramel apples and cinnamon-sugar (baked) donuts (which we will serve up with chilled apple cider). In the next two weeks? Cinnamon popcorn, spiced popcorn, caramel corn, apple brownies, bone cookies, pumpkin tortellini, Oktoberfest stew, Bratwurst subs, Halloween trail mix, pumpkin queso, Butterbeer, candy corn, candy paper dots, Acid Drops, and Fizzy Pouches. Now I’m excited just thinking about it.

Since this is some sort of healthy food blog, I’ll go ahead and disclose that we are not the type of family that has candy (or even munchies) on hand at all times. But I do believe in celebrating holidays with traditional foods, even if they be extra-rich or -sweet. Making treats at home is one way of monitoring the excessiveness of this indulgence. I say, if you are going to a celebration, let yourself celebrate. Make wise food choices while having a good time. If you lose your head you’re only going to make yourself sick and guilty. A little richness can go a long way. My best tip for all this? Grab the healthy food first (even if that means having a healthy snack before going to a party). Load up on the whole grains, fresh foods, and veggies before piling on the empty carbs or greasy fats or sugary sweets. Also, make sure you brush your teeth extra during high-sugar times of year.

Alright, enough with the lecture.

Here is the best fall treat I have for you: easy, healthy, simple, and fun. Use it for breakfast, snack, or dessert. I got the recipe from Food Network Magazine, mostly.


  1. Quarter 2 firm, fresh, red apples and remove core, stem, and seeds. With a paring knife, carve a slice out of the peel-side of each apple quarter. (See photo to get an idea of what I mean.)
  2. Fill each cut-out section with natural peanut butter. Unsweetened peanut butter should be sweetened with honey.
  3. Take either almond slivers or almond slices (preferably raw) and arrange them like teeth, pressing into the peanut butter. Serve to a happy crowd.

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