Online Snack Article

Review of an online snack article (and a link, because you’re gonna’ like it) and a few recipes therefrom.

photo(43)I like to keep coming back to snacks on this blog. The reason is simple and two-fold, both folds being related. How many cookbooks on my shelves–health food or otherwise–have sections on snacks? Let  me go count…. That would be a big, fat zero. Often there is an appetizer or a sweets section I can glean for snacks, but more often than not; nothing. Why on earth?! My family and I consume as many snacks in a day as we do meals, and what greater pitfall for unhealthy eating is there than snack food? If all we’re left with is bags of chips and cookies, well, then we’re doomed.

Early on, I gave you a list of snack foods, which I think is a great start. But recently I came across an article on Food Network’s website that is also a great resource. I believe it is from a magazine insert that I missed somewhere along the line; one of their “50” booklets (like 50 Muffins or 50 Christmas Cookies, etc). I think one day they should make a cookbook just including all their 50 booklets because they are so handy. At any rate,

It’s true that many of these snacks take a little preparation, as opposed to the last list I gave you. But a little prep is better than a whole lotta prep, and some of these snacks are much more than incrementally better than whatever else is available out there. It’s never a terrible idea to keep a high-protein, pre-made snack in your purse, just in case, but it’s a better idea to stick closer to whole foods. At our house we grab a lot of fruit for our snacks, aphoto(36)dmittedly, but I really want to encourage you to look for PROTEIN in your snacks, and avoid empty carbs and sugar whenever possible. If you can squeeze in veggies, all the better. (I don’t mean for you to roll a half-pound of deli ham and stuff it in your face between every meal, because, as in all meals, we want the good fat to outweigh the bad and we want to keep sodium in a comfortable range. Lean snacks are also good.)

Here are the list of “recipes” from the article:

Sweet Bagel Chips, Garlic Bagel Chips, Fruit Dip, Cheesy Chex Mix, Caramel Popcorn, Sesame Potato Chips, Salami Snails, Pita Nachos, Apple Quesadillas, Granola Bars, Fruit Smoothie, Ham Pinwheels, Pepperoni Pizza Bread, Granola, Salsamole, Mango Salsa Scoops, Chocolate Chow Mein, Nutella “Egg” Cream, Bean Roll Ups, Crunchy Chickpeas, Black Bean Hummus, Edamame Hummus, White Bean Hummus, Nutty Pretzel Wands, Apple Moons, Crackerwiches, Smoky Pretzel Mix, Artichoke-Pesto Bites, Jam Pockets, Ricotta-Apple Pockets, Broccoli Cheddar Pockets, Pizza Pockets, Tortellini Kabobs, Yogurtwiches, Better Brownies, Berry Brownies, Pretzel Melts, Loaded Oatmeal Cookies, Jicama Sticks, Fruit Nut Treats, Elvis Waffles, Tuxedo Olives, Banana Chips, Chicken and Waffles, Pomegranate Slushies, Fruit Leather, Dried Apples, Matzoh Melts.

And here are a couple that I already tried and we liked, this week:

Ingredient speak for Ham Pinwheels: You don’t have to be intimidated by “lavash” or “neufchatel.” “Lavash is pretty much the same thing as a tortilla, just from another culture. The only reason I suggest the lavash is becuase it sometimes comes in a rectangle shape, which would be ideal here. But a nice big tortilla would work fine, too. And neufchatel is basically cream cheese, which you can feel free to use, but–ala yogurt and Greek yogurt–neufchatel is whipped (at some point in the process) and lower in fat. It is likely that your supermarket has both but you just never noticed. I like the taste of neufchatel better.


  1. Spread a piece of rectangular lavash (or whole grain tortillas) with neufchatel (or cream cheese), making sure to spread to the edges.
  2. Layer on a few slices of thin-sliced deli ham (preferably without nitrates; turkey ham would also work). Optionally, trim a scallion and place at one end.
  3. Start rolling tightly from the end with the scallion, all the way until you have a cigar. Slice across into “pinwheels” and serve.

Ingredient speak for Apple Pie Quesadilla: Apple butter has nothing to do with butter. In fact, it probably has no fat at all, since it’s really just a smooth apple jam, usually spiced a little with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, etc. It makes great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the fall and winter!


  1. Warm a non-stick griddle over medium to medium-high heat. Meanwhile, slice a Granny Smith apple very thinly. You can leave the peel on; it’s better for you that way.
  2. Spread 1 piece whole grain tortilla with apple butter, not too thick or thin. Place tortilla on the griddle and layer with apples, a sprinkling of salt, and then grated extra sharp cheddar (again, not too thin or thick). Top with a second tortilla.
  3. Cook, turning once, until both sides are a little browned and cheese inside has melted. Let cool a couple minutes before slicing with a pizza cutter.

Ingredient speak for Chocolate Hazlenut “Egg” Cream: First off, no eggs. The original New York egg creams did include a raw egg whipped into the drink. For safety reasons, I am supposed to steer you clear of this, but if  you wanted to and you had a fresh carton of free-range eggs, I see no reason you couldn’t up the protein by whipping an egg into the milk. Also, by “chocolate hazlenut spread” I simply mean a Nutella-like product (some of the major peanut butter brands make them now), although I would prefer that you use a more natural brand, like Maranatha or 365.


  1. Mix a couple tablespoons chocolate-hazlenut spread into a cup of milk until completely dissolved. Top off with club soda and serve.

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