Tips As They Come To Me

photo-4Three very quick, food storage tips that might even save you money. Waste not, want not.

1) Store your lettuce, green salads, and cheeses with a folded paper towel in the container. This cuts down on moisture and prolongs the life of your food. So simple. (Cheese paper also works wonderfully well.)

2) Need more containers to store and to take along food, especially now that we are all finally freaking out about plastics? Go to the store and purchase a case of Ball/Mason jars, or maybe a couple cases in different sizes. They are much cheaper than stocking up on Pyrex, they travel well, are microwavable (with no lid and if you must!), dishwasher-safe, and actually look sort of cool. Collecting baby food jars is also a great way to send someone you love with a little bit of sauce, dip, or dressing. Just buy some apple baby food, eat it like applesauce, and voila! (You can always remove labels from glass with a simple steel wool “rag.”)

3) Store fresh herbs the following way: cut the bottom inch or less off the stems, fill one of those Ball/Mason jars with fresh water (enough to reach the stems) and pop the herbs in like a flower arrangement. Set them on a refrigerator shelf. They store great this way, plus you remember to use them b/c they are staring you right in the face when you open the fridge door. And I happen to think they pretty up the fridge interior.

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