Takeout Series Two

Today’s addition to the takeout series is Thai food. Kevin and I have long bonded over Thai food, even before we were dating. Out of all types of restaurants, it has always been a Thai one that is our favorite/most frequented, first in Indiana, then Detroit, then Durham. And if you happen to have a … More Takeout Series Two

Takeout Series One

Start of a new series, on work-night take-out alternatives. Being someone who has very erratic blood sugar (I have to eat something every 2-3 hours, or I will a) get a migraine or b) start screaming at someone for no good reason), I understand very well what it is to feel the pull of the … More Takeout Series One

Kitchen Magic

I amaze you with tales of magic in the kitchen. Then you want to return to the kitchen to make cream puffs and red lentil soup. When I was in high school, my mom was in nursing school. That meant that my sister, Lindsay, took over the laundry and I was left with the cooking. … More Kitchen Magic