Comeback King

Looks like RealisticChef will be returning to publication, but on a different site with a slightly different idea. Check it out at The Recipe Blogger. Thanks! And see you soon.

Takeout Series Four

Another installment of the Take Out Series, this time for the clear crowd favorite: pizza. Favorite American take-out or delivery meal of all time? Pizza, hands down. The not-so-funny thing is, pizza as a concept is a great idea (grain, veggies, protein), but as a reality is usually a disaster. Most ordered pizza is made … More Takeout Series Four

Takeout Series One

Start of a new series, on work-night take-out alternatives. Being someone who has very erratic blood sugar (I have to eat something every 2-3 hours, or I will a) get a migraine or b) start screaming at someone for no good reason), I understand very well what it is to feel the pull of the … More Takeout Series One

Smoothie Blues

We don’t like to abandon smoothies in the wintertime, even though some of you in the north might think we’re nuts. (Yes, I understand that an icy drink might not sit well in your heavily mittened hands as you stand shivering at the bus stop.) But as my husband keeps making his same old standby … More Smoothie Blues