Quinoa Overboard

Plenty of info and savory recipes about and for quinoa, the “new rice.” I saw a friend post today on Facebook that he purchased quinoa (pronounced keen’-wah) and was looking for recipes. One thing I love for this blog is to actually have a prompt, an invitation, a need. I already have a list a … More Quinoa Overboard

Excellent Lentils

Lentil facts and more lentil recipes than you ever knew you needed. I was shocked to discover a few days ago that a father-son duo very near and dear to me did not know what lentils are. Wuh?!? How could I have failed them so miserably that not only have they claimed never to have … More Excellent Lentils

The Magical Fruit

I wanted to get one more blog entry in before I launched RealisticChef, because this morning I got my first blog question. I received a call from a family member. “When are you going to start that food blog? I need a recipe for beans and vegetables.” Ultimately, he was aiming at weight loss. And … More The Magical Fruit