Cookbook Summer

Cookbook reviews for four random library books and a handful of recipes therefrom. So longer ago than I would care to mention, I grabbed an armful of cookbooks from the library that appealed to me for one reason or another. I used them, a bit, and then I thought I would do a review of … More Cookbook Summer


Snack ideas and my thoughts on changing eating habits… over time. Some of you may be old hat at eating healthy. I admit to a little bit of jealousy over the years as I have made friends who grew up eating the right things. It is such a legacy to have given to you. I … More Ch-ch-ch-changes

More Than Movies

Popcorn recipes and facts. Popcorn gets a bad rap. Perhaps it deserves it. After all, most people around here recognize it best died yellow and slathered in refined fat and chemical tastes. If only we could undo all that, popcorn could be one of the great boons of North America. Perhaps you can find it … More More Than Movies