Ode to Jarred Sauces

Thoughtful thoughts on jarred Italian sauces and two recipes to complement your American Spaghetti repertoire. I don’t know about you (although I am pretty sure you can relate), but when we needed a quick and easy meal at home growing up (as in at least one time per week), my mom made “Spaghetti.” Now, “spaghetti” … More Ode to Jarred Sauces

Those Summer Nights

Grill food and picnic fare: recipes for grilled chicken and spaghetti salad. Okey, so maybe I mean more summer afternoons or evenings, but there is no Olivia Newton John song to reference that way. But no matter, we are talking grill foods and picnics, here. In North Carolina, we have hit our stride with the … More Those Summer Nights